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About Ruiyi
Ruiyi Medical Tech was founded in May, 2006 and composed of Shanghai Ruiyi Medical Tech Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Ruiheda Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., Haimen Ruiyi Medical Tech Co.,Ltd., Nantong Ruiheda Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., Hechi Ruiyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. It is a high-tech company who focuses on R&D of new-type medical organosilicon  intermediates, Reagents for Organic Synthesis and pharmaceutical raw material intermediates. Ruiyi Medical Tech is a leading company in R&D and production of medical organosilicon products in China, also produces fluoride series, organic alkyne series, Cyclic compound and other pharmaceutical intermediates. At the same time, it provides CDMO services to domestic and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises.

Depending on its excellent R&D, strict quality control ,  perfect products and services as well as reputable prestige, Ruiyi Medical Tech has won unanimous approbation from clients, investors and the society. In the past several years, Ruiyi has established an outstanding cooperation with its clients and gained the strategic investment from investing company in June, 2009. Ruiyi¡¯s bright future has also won affirmation from the Municipal Government of Shanghai. In July,2009, Yang Xiong, a member of standing committee of Shanghai Communist Party Committee and first-deputy mayor of Shanghai Municipal Government , visited our company and brought valuable opinions on Ruiyi¡¯s development.

Ruiyi Medical Tech is developing in accordance with its business culture which is innovative, effective, excellent-quality and outstanding-service. Ruiyi¡¯s products is in strict consistence with ISO 9001-2000 Quality Control Standard. With persistent innovation in R&D, effective and environmental friendly mass production, international oriented marketing strategy and excellent management group serving as its systematic core competence, Ruiyi Medical Tech is sure to become a leading company in global bio-medical service area.
Ruiyi Medical Tech Shanghai
Shanghai Ruiyi Medical Technology Co.,Ltd., serves as the R&D and Sales Center of Ruiyi Medical Technology Co.,Ltd, is located in Minhang District, Shanghai. Depending on Ruiyi¡¯s R&D group and background¡£
Ruiyi Medical Tech Haimen
Haimen Ruiyi Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in Qinglonggang Chemical Industry Park, Haimen, Jiangsu province and covered an area of 20000 square. Ruiyi Haimen serves as the R&D and Producing center...
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